Shocker Tongue Mount Hitch

Shocker Hitch Tongue Mount

Trailer Mounted Industrial Hitch

  • Reduce Trailer Fatigue – Great for heavy trucks with stiff suspension.
  • Maximum Ground Clearance – Airbag is mounted above the tongue.
  • Simple Installation – Two basic styles to fit the majority of trailers.

The Tongue Mount hitch is very effective at eliminating the destructive forces caused by heavy trucks pulling equipment trailers. The Air bag is mounted on top for additional ground clearance. Available with Pintle Ring or 2 5/16″ Ball Coupler.

Why is the air hitch mounted on the trailer?

Answer: In order for the air hitch to work, the equalizer/ weight distribution bars must compress into the airbag. If the air hitch is mounted on the truck, the bars would unload the airbag. Thus, it is our contention that air hitches used with equalizer bars must be mounted to the trailer.

Vertical Channel:

  • Commonly found on flatbed trailers.
  • Simply bolts in place of existing coupler.
  • Excellent for contractors. Weld on channel adapter available – convert a trailer or when building a new trailer.
  • Rated to 12,000 lbs towing capacity.

Square Plate:

  • Found on many trailers.
  • Simply bolts in place of existing coupler.
  • 4 1/2″ square bolt pattern.
  • Cast 2 5/16″ coupler included.
  • Rated to 12,000 lbs towing capacity.

A-Frame Adapter:

  • Locks on trailer coupler found on most campers.
  • No welding or drilling required.
  • Hitch extends front of trailer approximately 11″, safety chains may require lengthening.
  • 10,000 lb weight rating. Do not exceed weight rating on trailer coupler.

Note when ordering: Specify which coupler your trailer has, P/N and brand, or a picture will work. Propane tanks may have to be moved back to hook up bars on some campers.


Vertical Channel Mount


Square Plate Mount

Square Plate Mount